HES Solar is a company from Roses specialized in renewable energies, specifically in photovoltaic energy. Our team is built by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

We want photovoltaic energy to be reachable by everyone and to become a reality in their homes. In HES Solar we want to bring you an ecological, sustainable and self-sufficient alternative to reduce the relationship with the grid supplies, reduce your costs and abolish the environmental impact for a better world.

From HES Solar we bet for a high quality service and products, with affordable prices, without overloading the installations. We seek customer confidence from the proximity and sincerity that defines us, offering technological innovation and improvement in their lives.

The company HES-Solar, was created in 2021 in Roses, thanks to 4 entrepreneurs from Roses with extensive experience in the world of construction, engineering and installations. Thanks to their joint work in some photovoltaic farms, they decided to join together to create HES-Solar with the aim of creating a single company to offer turn-key services of high quality, and actively participate in the development of creating a cleaner and sustainable world, developing solutions for efficiency, savings and self-consumption.

Construccions i Reformes

Luis García Fagundez
Carlos García Fagundez

Instalaciones Eléctricas,
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Eduard Gutiérrez

Ingeniería multidisciplinar 

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Solar energy
inexhaustible, renewable and non-polluting


Thanks to the union of these 4 entrepreneurs, we have technical stuff, assembly personnel to offer a 360º service that will prevent you to worry about anything during the installation phase.

In HES-Solar we offer a quality turn-key service, from the installation of the plant, its corresponding legalization and processing of credit-bonuses for our customers.
We carry out studies to offer the best option for your own situation taking into account important factors such as consumption, habits and space, so we can make the right installation to make the right trade-off between consumption and demand of your situation.


  • • Proximity: Offering a proximity and customized service for each customer.

  • • Sustainability: Promote renewable, non-polluting energies. Create a cleaner world.

  • • Commitment: Commitment to promote the energy transition, to have a commitment to the planet.

  • • Savings: To be able to provide energy and economic savings to our customers.

  • • Quality: Highest quality 360º service, as well as the products we offer.

What is photovoltaic energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is a type of renewable and clean energy that uses solar radiation to produce electricity. It works through the so-called photoelectric effect, by which certain materials are able to absorb photons (light particles) and release electrons and generate an electric current, which is then converted by the inverter into current suitable for consumption in your home.

These photovoltaic installations have two basic elements:

  1. Photovoltaic panels: these are groups of photovoltaic cells mounted between layers of silicon that capture solar radiation and transform sunlight into electrical energy.
  2. Inverters: they convert the direct current produced by the panels into alternating current, suitable for the electrical consumption of the house.


A lithium battery is an energy storage. They are batteries that store the surplus energy between the PV production and the house consumption, to be used in the future when the production is less than the consumption, such as at night.

During the day, if the consumption of the house is lower than the production of the photovoltaic, the batteries will save the surplus energy so that you can use it during the night, when you can have a certain consumption, but the photovoltaic plant will not be producing energy.


  • Clean, non-polluting energy.
  • Renewable and sustainable, does not generate waste.
  • Energy and economic savings.
  • Free and abundant energy.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs compared to other renewable energy systems.


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Casa Particular

Casa Particular

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